Other Products Available

We don't just have pine floors; we have a lot more. Below, you'll find our other interior products which are suitable for walls, cabinets, shelves and other interior carpentry. They are all high quality products which will coordinate well with our selection of flooring. Also, we have plans to continue adding more items. Please check our web site periodically for new offerings, or if you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call.


V-Joint is traditionally used as full length wall paneling or as wainscot, which is used on the lower half of interior walls. It is similar to flooring except that where each board fits together there is a crevice in the shape of a "V."

DimensionsProductNatural CharacteristicsHeart ContentFace WidthUnit Size (sqft)Price
1x6Premium with HeartSmall, Tight Knots50%5 1/827.32$6.65
Select with HeartSlightly Larger Knots & Imperfections Than Premium25%5 1/827.32$5.35
Rustic with HeartNumerous Knots & Natural Imperfections20%5 1/827.32$4.35
PremiumNo Imperfections; Clear0%5 1/827.32$3.00
SelectFew Small Knots & Imperfections0%5 1/827.32$2.30
RusticNumerous Knots & Natural Imperfections0%5 1/827.32$2.00
1x8Premium with HeartSmall, Tight Knots50%6 7/822.92$7.45
Select with HeartSlightly Larger Knots & Imperfections Than Premium25%6 7/822.92$6.05
Rustic with HeartNumerous Knots & Natural Imperfections20%6 7/822.92$5.05
PremiumNo Imperfections; Clear0%6 7/822.92$3.45
SelectFew Small Knots & Imperfections0%6 7/822.92$2.75
RusticNumerous Knots & Natural Imperfections0%6 7/822.92$2.45

Vertical Grain 2x4s:

Premium $1.30 per linear foot
Select $1.00 per linear foot
Please call for special arrangements.